Apart from a couple of odd health days, I’m starting to regain my energy since D3 went public. It’s been up for two weeks now and seems to have been received with overwhelming enthusiasm… 1000 people had been through the gallery on the first weekend it was open.

ACMI has all the important data about D3 on their site. We have some photos from the installation, courtesy of ACMI Public Programs.

It’s now 3:02, second attempt at getting this published! It’s the first all night session Grant and I have been able to get in since completing D3. We find one all nighter, every so ofter, gets us through some of the more complex items on our c2o/Toy Satellite/Secession to do lists. Well, it helps having someone to cheer you along, particularly if one is making progress!


Here’s Supercat, watching over us from his new perch, constructed from crates I’d bought in Byron Bay, made from off-cuts, off-cuts from a planned UFO landing pad! Oh, and a pile of cushions.

Justina is in Manila having just completed a WENT trainers workshop. Very shortly she’ll leave for her first visit to the Philippines country side, including one night in Baguio, where I had spent an inspiring week, at the Tamawan Artists Village, last November.


Bobby (same guy who loves our WOK CMS…) at the entrance to Tamawan Village.


A sculpture of an eagle on a distant rock someone managed to carve. Baguio does that kind of thing to people…


Baguio taxi… yeh, lots of mirrors and they charge far less than cabs in Manila… and pretty friendly too.


Back to the present… at least within the past hour. Grant just having solved the “how do we get multiple forms to work on the WOK” problem. He’s coding up the “Punter of the Month” questionnaire for the Lambsgo Bar site we recently rolled out…


And a rare one of me… prefering life behind a camera… hairy too… a week indoors, chilling out with no serious deadlines, music to keep me curious, and emails from Craig Bellamy to keep my brain from stagnating.

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2 thoughts on “Post-D3”

  1. OK. brain stagnation is a big problem. Basically it means that knowledge becomes ‘naturalised’ and the people within this ‘naturalised’ knowledge become unquestioning about how knowledge is produced and by whome. Even ideas of subversion can become medeocre and out of touch of those that they are subverting. Sure being educated has its limitations but not nearly as many handicaps as being stupid 🙂

    bring it on!

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