I’d been talking to people at BayFM for a couple of years now about enabling access to their archives via RSS. That is, radio documentaries, interviews, etc. Worked up a draft proposal that we were to present to the Community Broadcasters Association of Australia, but we never got round to completing it.

Couple of months ago I gave a talk at our forum, Upgrade Available, amongst other things, on portable media devices and how it will be important for community media producers to fuse their traditional production environments with these new technologies… A few weeks later I read a piece about Podcasting on Smartmobs!

All the work is done! RSS integration with media devices like iPODs, the software to browse and automate downloads… it’s all there and it’s only a month old!

So, what are we doing? We used to do an on-demand program called Netnews in 1995-96. But we don’t have the energy to do this kind of thing anymore. But as we’re also composers and run a not-for-profit record label we decided to make some of our music available for podcast producers.

If you’re already receiving Podcasts, add the following to your Podcast client/browser:


Every week we enable a track or two to be “podcast” under a Creative Commons License, a natural partner in this new, and yet to be regulated, exciting realm of content production and distribution.

For more information about Podcasting, software and other Podcasts, see ipodder.org or Podcast.net.

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One thought on “Podcasting”

  1. I’ve received some questions regarding Podcasting that may be useful to share:

    1. Does it integrate with iTunes?

    Yes. If you use one of the two available Podcasting clients you can nominate to have the Podcast automatically downloaded to your iPOD.

    2. Is it a proprietary service/tool?

    No. It utilised RSS enclosures and integrates with existing media players and portable media technologies.

    3. Can it be used for anything other than audio?

    Yes. You can Podcast video, but emphasis is currently on audio due to the ease in which integration occurs with popular clients and hardware devices.

    For more information see http://www.ipodder.org/

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