Pathetic Human

Written in response to the foriegn affairs policies of the Keating government, in particular the manner in which human rights abuses were over-looked in Malaysia, Indonesia and East Timor (1993).

Hey, Mr Malaysian Prime Minister
I’m you’re friendly Mr Australian Foreign Minister Man
I got a pall of apologies
I got a swag of oppurtunities
I got economic rationalism stuffed right up me left-wing arse
stuffed up me country
stuffed up me people
just like you stuffed up yours

Oh, but its a healthy load of stuffing you’re doin there Mr Malaysian Prime Minister
I can see you’re learning from Mr Indonesia Presidant who’s well and truely stuffed East Timor
And doing a fine job of West Papua
But it goes without saying that a whole lot of stuffing is a pre-requisite to becoming a country just like ours

You’re welcome to free Australia
So, you go right on fucking up your country
kicking the shit out of your people
cause look at what you’re gonna get…. beautiful!
We done all that, right here already
Welcome to white majority rule Australia
Welcome to free market trade Australia
Welcome to freedom of our press Australia
Welcome to the freedom of our secret autocracy
Welcome to the parched sunburnt country
to the land of dusty arid plains …

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