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I’d been discussing the art of letter writing and sharing poetry with an old friend when I realised they had not really known what a blog was/is… I penned the following, or rather typed the following in an email, which in a way clarified what all this means to me:

A blog is a kind of web page that is setup for an individual to write a day by day account of just about anything. There are thousands and thousands of blogs on the internet and mine, Auto Scribe, is a personal attempt at understanding the context, the technology and what it means to journalise one’s thoughts within a medium that becomes a kind of shared resource… People can comment on one’s “journal” entry for instance and as such, this can influence the way one writes…

I still keep a daily journal of sorts, both personal and mundane, where as the blog is perhaps less so. Auto Scribe is a way for family and friends to know what I’m up to. As so much of my writing time has been consumed by email, my letter writing has decreased to zilch!

Auto Scribe is also a kind of notepage. I also use it to log ideas when I’m travelling or list references, etc. I’ve always wanted a way to append notes to URLs. As such a tool doesn’t appear to be available within a browser, MovableType’s bookmarklet feature fills that need.

My personal journal is more important to me than any blog could be, as it reflects more the world I inhabit and those I inhabit it with. Auto Scribe reflects more that which transpires during the long hours in front of my computer. Auto Scribe has a more utalitarian role, whereas the paper based journal serves all manner of outlets, if only to remind me what it is I must do today, what I am to do tomorrow and what I forgot to do yesterday.

Thanks to Justina for reviving my journal writing… She gave me with a decent sized Filofax for Christmas… I write nearly every day now with a pen no less!

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3 thoughts on “On blogs”

  1. thanks simon… i’ve actually read that piece, having inspired me to participate in the Melbourne blog community as listed under links.

  2. thanks for explaining the blog – sorry to be ignorant but i’ve been into the concept of the ‘spike’ ( the peak of a graph) that the internet is expanding exponentially in the nature of an organism with gigantism, mathematically growing so fast as to cause instability, so i’m not on it all that much..The graph of the spike peaks around 2006.
    a friend told me the other day they’ve invented terra(or)bytes, much bigger than gigabytes. We’ll see if the old alternative saying ‘get off the grid’ inspires a transition of the web to solar power before the massive solar flare activity, record last couple of weeks, takes down any more antiquated electrical grids.
    causing major blackouts etc.

    i like your site and think your fish look like they do a fine job.
    fond regards

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