New tech at c2o

Since 1997 I’ve been a Director of Community Communications Online (c2o), an organisation that grew from the ashes of Pegasus Networks. More on Pegasus later. In about 98, Justina became a Director as well and in 2000 Toy Satellite was absorbed into c2o.

More recently, the third Director and co-founder, Bruce Morrisson, resigned taking with him a vast body of intuative knowledge… he basically setup c2o, it’s hosting services and all things server orientated.

A few weeks ago we were fortunate to appoint a new Tech Director, Grant McHerron, a person we had known for some years. Here’s Grant in work mode… Yes, he’s fast! And enthusiastic…


Not only does Grant come with a lot of energy, he’s keen to help us build c2o so it can truly sustain itself… and he loves talking to clients too!

As we move into this new phase with c2o I’ll spend a few moments each week documenting what it is taking to re-establish an online service provider given the risks, market saturation and a host of missed opportunities…

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