Microphone of wood

If you really want to make music, if you really want to be heard there’s no excuse for not having a crack at it. KONONO No1 are a group of musicians from an area that sits between the border of Congo and Angola. Not only have they built themselves electronic thumb pianos, but their microphones and mixer are made of wood!

They have an album out and you’ll find a short sample of their very contemporary sounding music on this site:


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2 thoughts on “Microphone of wood”

  1. Also loved the drums and electric ikembes.
    This proves that the urge to create under any circumstance, whether rich or poor, is a strong human condition. Sure we can create and build beautiful buildings, but we can also in seconds blow them up.
    But to create music, art, dance, poetry and more will always be one of our most enduring spiritual qualities.

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