Manila: Food Journal 04 Aug 2004

From 3 – 8 August I participated in the Asia Communication Rights Workshop as well as the first Asia APC meeting in Manila. The following photos document everything I had eaten, excluding in-flight food, for the duration of my stay there.

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5 thoughts on “Manila: Food Journal 04 Aug 2004”

  1. only thing i recognise is the chocolate chip muffins.. but the rest we will find in one of ian’s cookbooks here and try to copy… can almost smell them.. great photos

  2. the muffins consisted mostly of coconut! most filling.

    the fist at the bottom of the page is a traditional recipee with a not so traditional gravey. tasted like gravox!

    breakfast was great! 🙂

  3. some of this was hotel food…but not too bad. Anyway, one reason to go to the Philippines (for those who havent) is indeed the food–eating is a national pasttime… 🙂

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