Justina’s birthday 2004-04-22

Justina will be all of 32 this Thursday, the 22nd of April.

It was the Shamrock Hotel, The Valley, Brisbane.
I was playing at a Green Left Weekly fund raiser.
I still played guitar then, almost daily.
And I still did spoken word and wrote every day.
It was the Shamrock Hotel, that evening, that I first met Justina.
I was 32.
It was 1994.
By the end of that year Justina joined me in Melbourne.
Then we came … to … know so many of you… :^)

Andrew, Justina and Joe in the background

Then… (1996, Fierce Throat performance, Melbourne Fringe, Southgate)


Byron Bay, August 2003…


and recently… Andrew (freq_ghost), Justina (DJC) and Warren (Brains), another Secession Session at the Lambsgo Bar, Fitzroy, 2003.

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11 thoughts on “Justina’s birthday 2004-04-22”

  1. My Dear Justina,

    It’s a great joy to be able to share your birthday with you and your love ones and friends – from afar at least.

    Your birth would have been challenging to your parents but they are compensated by knowing the wonderful person you are to our tiny and fragile planet earth. They must be thrill of your energy, dedication, commitment and most of all, your devotion and love for the people who matters so much in this grossly exploited world. I am without doubt the oppressed women, the poor and especially our marginalised in Sarawak are more than thrill to have you born into this world. We rejoice with you in your birthday and everyday.

    On my personal note, may joy and happiness fill you on your birthday and everyday. Some laksa and kolomee will be on their way to Melbourne in the coming weekend via my father and that should be welcome presents to you and to Andrew too.

    From Kuching, Sarawak, with much solidarity and love,

  2. Dear Justina,

    It has been a long time since we last spoke, but it is wonderful to hear about your birthday.

    Many happy returns!


  3. Dear Justina

    Have a fantastic birthday on Thursday.

    The world is a better place for your presence, you contribute to a
    greater whole, and add a sorely needed component to your close and
    wider community.

    Bless your space.

  4. hey justina,

    i really wish i could be there with you, andrew and the gore crew and friends, for what i’m sure will be a fabulous event and happening 😉

    i hope you don’t have to make your own martinis on the night!.. but then, if you want the best martini in melbourne, you have to go to justinas..

    justina, you’re a special force in this place, it’s been a great 10 years knowing you, and i’m sure the next will be just as amazing.. have a lovely day.. and to all of my friends in melbourne..

    lots of love

  5. Justina,
    I often have memories of good times with you and Andrew. You make me homesick for Melbourne. Love, love, love.
    Hope to see you before too many more birthdays pass. Ultimately before the next.
    – John Geoghegan.

  6. Hello Justina – Happy Happy Birthday
    thank you for making your own and many places a special special home (for my own and many many faces!)
    now open your soul to all and ale

  7. Dear friends,

    Andrew showed this page to me thismorning. What a delight to read these kind and heart-felt messages. I wish we could be together. We will, some day! 🙂

    Thankyou, dear friends. Thankyou Andrew.


  8. Hey happy birthday to justina and hello to andrew!

    Justina sent the link – best wishes from us

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