Justina Curtis

After more than a decade, at least a quarter of her life, Justina Curtis, co-founder of Toy Satellite, ardent supporter and Director of c2o, an active participant in the Association for Progressive Communications, is moving on to pursue and explore other facets of her life.

East Timor, 2000 WENT Training / Labor Media
Seoul, 2001
Regional ICT Training
Central Western Queensland, 2002

I cannot begin to unravel the contribution Justina has made to not only our organisation, but to countless organisations and individuals both locally and regionally. Justina played a significant role in the Women’s Electronic Network Training (WENT) that saw 100s of women throughout Asia-Pacific introduced to computers, the internet and perhaps more importantly, to each other.

Justina worked on massive projects… important projects such as The WOK, a content management system we designed in the late 90s that was, for all purposes, a blog authoring tool. The list is endless… AID/WATCH, with whom we’ve been involved with since 1990; Rengah Sarawak one of the last two WOK sites, along with AID/WATCH, still running; Women Online to Beijing; Tat Fat Size Temple; SSEYO Generative Music; AvantCard; Museum Victoria’s ed-online and the Immigration Museum’s Hear Her Voice; numerous collaborative projects with Austria’s KunstRadio; The Rowville-Lysterfiled History Project; Greennet UK; KissFM; the ground-breaking Toy Satellite installation, D3

Justina also participated in many of our performance works including Fierce Throat and DOODS. In furthering our interest in independent music and publishing she contributed to the establishment of Secession Records and, being a classically trained musician with a penchant for electronic music, she provided critical insights and feedback to the evolution of all our releases to date.

Justina is perhaps the most talented, open hearted HTML/CSS coder in the country. You only have to look at the c2o site to get an idea of the balance of her minimalist, delightful design… One of the most generous people I have ever met. Justina was also my confidant, colleague, co-developer, partner and muse… we will always remain the closest of friends, to be sure, and much more besides.

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6 thoughts on “Justina Curtis”

  1. Justina, on behalf of Rengah, we thank you from the bottom of our heart of the invaluable role you played in getting Rengah to where we are. No words can ever justly describe it but you know we are never far away from you, wherever you will be. Where we are is also where you are very welcomed.

    Not knowing in any detail beyond you “moving on” we hope our path can cross again (as compared to us saying looking forward to us crossing path again) and we wish you all greatness in your journey.

  2. Dear Justina

    We’ve only met a few times but I have seen and heard nothing but great things from and about you –testament to what Andrew refers to as your positive effect on people, organizations and events… I am sure APC is what it is also because of your contributions…

    Have always admired C2O’s work too–and as usual, behind every great organization…is a great woman! 🙂

    Good luck in your new journeys and best wishes in your new discoveries (within and outside ourselves)…

    in solidarity
    Al Alegre
    FMA (Philipines) – APC

  3. Justina, Hi! We never met. But I’m sure the efficiency of your work reflected in building up c20/Toy Satellite into being the nice organisation we often encountered it as. Greetings from Goa, India. –Frederick “FN” Noronha. (BytesForAll)

  4. justina!!!

    you rock, completely, utterly and magnificently 🙂 will never remember sock skating in makati.

    hope your adventures will take you to fantastic, giggly places and deep, warm pockets. and don’t forget to send a postcard when you’re there, so we can come gatecrash 😉

    big love to one of my few first gurus of ICTs through WENT,

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