Jaded blogger? Not I!

This morning I pulled a postcard from the letterbox with Antony Gormley’s arresting sculpture, Capacitor (2001), on the front. Craig Bellamy had scribbled “jaded blogger” on the back, with an arrow pointing to Gormley’s steel tubes and rods.

I’ve never considered myself a blogger. More a diarist, a poet, a collage or word artist perhaps… primarily for my own record. Who really knows who one keeps a diary for anyway?

As I grow older, these words begin to resonate with a far deeper value… they become both a time stamp and window to fragments of a world some in my family, particularly my daughter, will have little knowledge of. Perhaps after reading some of these tiresome posts they’ll know even less!

Craig’s maintained a consistent blog, investing in it his deliberations with “context”, history, media, knowledge, education, academia… I don’t get to read it much myself, but then I don’t tend to read off the web much at all these days. There’s only so much sitting one can do in a day! I may not be the jaded blogger, but a jaded Internet user I most certainly am. What I had first logged on to was not the Internet. It hadn’t a name then…

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4 thoughts on “Jaded blogger? Not I!”

  1. i think we just called it pegasus

    at least we didnt call it abraxas

    it was the frontier – now it’s a mall.

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