Iteration III

Will be performing a 15 minute version of Memory Effect at the Iteration III concert progam tonight, Monash School of Music.

This is set to be the most interesting of the Iteration series of conferences. Guests are of a high and unique calibre. Includes Casey Reas, one of the developers behind Processing, “open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and sound.”

I had spoken to Casey and his collaborator, Ben Fry, early 2003 about using Processing for our D3 project with the ACMI. Unfortunately, I could find no one in Melbourne at that time interested in learning how to work with it. Not being a coder, but curious enough, I had a crack at it and managed to get some way towards realising it’s best left to art geeks.

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2 thoughts on “Iteration III”

  1. I didn’t see this concert mentioned on audiovision – if it was open to the public I’m sad if I missed the post and sadder if noone bothered to post anything.


  2. I think it was mentioned… a posting by Troy, but there was no specific mention of the Concert nor of the performers. It was kind of buried in their website as well… at least three to four clicks to find the concert program.

    I was going to put something out on the Secession list, but I’m really quite over whelmed and need help with this kind of thing these days.

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