In support of ESC

ESC, established in the city of Graz, Austria, is being evaluated. The past three years are being scrutinised, the results should ensure another two years of support from their local government funders. Letters of support are essential in these times.

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: In support of ESC

I am writing to express my person support for the extraordinary and necessary work of ESC, its management and staff.

I am composer, producer and media artist and have had the occasion to work closely with ESC and make a point of visiting when I am fortunate to be passing through Austria.

ESC, from my experience, is critical to the cultural infrastructure of the city of Graz, but it is also an important and vital contributor to the international arts community through its strong support and encouragement of innovation and cultural diversity.

These terms are oft used, but I use them with unabashed integrity knowing full well the tireless work of ESC management and staff.

I have had the privilege to perform at ESC and had found the facilities exceptional given the complex requirements of my performance works. I am reminded of the time I first arrived at ESC, entering the building one afternoon I heard the most remarkable music. As we were setting for the performance that evening I asked where this music was from and was astounded to find it was the Australian group, The Necks.

At a time when very few in Australia even knew of The Necks, ESC were introducing new works from across the globe to an international arts community and Graz audiences.

As Program Director of OPEN CHANNEL, itself a cultural institution in the city of Melbourne, Australia, I would urge decision-makers, donor agencies and funders to look into the far horizon. If we find fewer and fewer organisations such as ESC and OPEN CHANNEL within the cultural landscape, we would have less and less barriers to homogeneity, less to celebrate difference and sustain cultural diversity at a time we need it most.

I wish ESC well in its future endeavours.

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