Gotta love royalty…

It’s not every day I find myself lauding over the wonders of music publishing particularly as I’ve had so many issues with the “pop” end of town. But today I was grateful for the fist of tunes I’d released or co-written in the eighties, and the few that Warner/Chappell Music Australia PTY LTD had managed to acquire, for today I opened a statement dated 28 February containing a cheque for a whopping AUD$707.42.

That’s the largest single royalty cheque I’ve received in years! Gone, I’d thought, were the years where I’d receive cheques in the $200 – $800 range. And given I’d had so many unexpected expenses over the past three months (such as the hand-made Township Guitar I’d bought in Cape Town and the saz I’d acquired in Istanbul), and given I’d arranged an over-draft this afternoon I’m stoked!

I’m also reminded of the Turkish coffee reading I’d been spontaneously offered whilst taking time out on a terrace cafe looking out over the Goldern Horn. Perhaps I truly am entering an era where I ought not to be concerned by $, but by my music and that which grows from it…?

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