Going offline then not!

As I’m writing the first Secession Records update for 2008, Secession’s 10th year, I’m listening to the festive sounds of Kaapse Klopse, a kind of music indigenous to Cape Town, and generally performed during what is locally known as the Coon Carnival. Rolling drums include a snare, bass and toms. Trombones and other horns play the melodies.

The band is playing on one of the two piers on Kalk Bay and the few swimmers on the nearby beach are dancing and yelping from the shallow water. Seals twist and turn up near the fishing boats which seem entirely remarkable to be floating at all!

I’ve been in Cape Town for just on two weeks with at least another one to go. I’ve had the good fortune to see the Restless Natives play at one of the more famed of venues, The Armchair Theatre, and meet one of the founding members of the infamous local bands, Bengula. Our first podcast for 2008 features an interview with Alex Bozas and this should be released soon after I return to Australia.

For all your Secession goodness, go to Secession Update / 26 Feb 2008, now archived on the brand new Secession wiki! Just when I thought I would be spending less time online I have two wikis and about five blogs to write for. This doesn’t include MySpace, Flickr and Last.FM, the only social networking sites I’ve got any time for these days.

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