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Monday 03.03.03 we hosted Friends of AudioMulch at our regular Monday evening gathering at Lambsgo Barrr. Lambsgo has supported countless events of ours, all informal, all challenging in one respect or another. Well worth supporting them… besides, they have one of the best beer fridges in the area.


Sarge preparing Mulch.


Andrew Sargeant colliding samples of George Bush telling it how it is. Deadly serious!

We’ve worked together in the past, both as Toy Satellite people and with Secession, releasing MP3s and performing under the name Dark Ambient Operators. We plan to release his first solo album/CD quite soon I hope.


First met Sean in Newcastle… had no idea he was hanging out in Melbourne! Kathleen, a dear friend of ours in Brisbane, calls him Naughty Sean… he’s a curious chap with a unique eye for video. When I’d met him he was one of the coordinators of the This is Not Art Festival… very supportive of our work and a refreshing aesthetic.


Ross Bencina, author of AudioMulch, performing his subtle, but entirely engaging piece. The bar staff loved it!

The last time we invited Ross to perform, it was at the EXP series we ran at Centriphugal. He commenced with a shakuhachi sample which he proceeded to smear apart, like a palette knife, then fold it back to its original sound over a remarkable 30 or so minutes.


Friends of Mulch hunched over laptop by candle-light. I think that’s Evan, his mate and Andrew, Ross Bencina’s brother.


A lovely ambient dub patch.


Detail of my theremin patch.


The theremin patch projected with oil-lamp overlays. Thanks to Eogoxa for their excellent suite of plugins.

Am mad keen on multiple projections on single screens – layered projections.


We started organising the night via the Mulch list. Evan’s now in Germany…


Theremin + Mulch. One of the reasons I got into Mulch was for the use of creating deeper, more poignent sounds for my theremin. Works really well on my workstation in the studio, but on the road the VAIO is mimited by the lack of line level input.

As such, the piece I did was fraught with red-lining levels and noise from the dodgy mic input on the laptop. The piece worked though, Justina describing it as “spooky mulch”.

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