Friday DAO sessions

Several months back we instituted Friday jam sessions with who ever was keen to make it over to Gore Core (where Justina and I run and rest our lives in). After a spontaneous jam with Andrew Sargeant (Future Eater) at Kent St Cafe (Smith Street, Fitzroy) last Thursday evening, we continued on into Friday, recording several hours of dark ambient operations…


Amidst some fine musical moments Andrew ventured outdoors and got his hands dirty in our garden…

I learnt some fine AudioMulch techniques and we managed to get both our laptops talking MIDI and in doing so discovered inconsistencies that inspired an hour or so of 20 bpm sonic smearing. Most engaging! The Dark Ambient Operators have returned from their two year hiatus!

All good fodder for the the days ahead… this week I debut the Terminal Quartet and a piece I’ve given a considerable amount of thought to, the structured improvisation Drift Theory 1.

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