Fish friends

A couple of weeks ago Justina got our fish tank going. It’s situated under the stairs that takes us out of the top floor and into the garden. The house is built into what was once a hill, so we enter on street level and walk down a set of stairs into the living area, kitchen and the fecund garden.


Here’s the tank with Mr Fish and Mr Friend. There are two snails and five, surprisingly smart smaller fish from the Murray River (apparently).


A close up of Mr Fish… He has similar markings as Supercat, although Super is black and white.


Now here’s Mr Friend, also a Comet, larger than Mr Friend, equally as gracefull.


Mr Friend and Fish spend a lot of time tailing each other.

The fish tank has become a kind of meditative corner where either of us, or both of us will sit, slow down, relax and empty our minds of inconsequential thoughts.

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