Finally Istanbul


Istanbul Calligrapher

There’s a ton of stuff still to write about my two months in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. These include the guitaring sessions with Sifu Roy MacGregor, the One Summer Breeze gig with Alex Bozas, the free jazz reviews, Easter Sunday and the pink sunset that marked the last evening I was to spend in the Portofino Building, 3 days before I left for Nairobi.

I’m writing this on my last evening in Istanbul, a city of 17 cultures and something in the order of 20 million inhabitants, many of which have blood lines going back 1000 years or more, much of which influences the culture so present in the city today, from its music to its poetry, from calligraphy to mosaics the culture is richer for it even in the face of growing homogenization and the demands imposed on its poorest citizens by developers and their government supporters.


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