A lovely piece composed by Catherine Leos and Ian Dixon, published in the 20 August 2007 issue of OPENLine:

We bid a sad farewell to Andrew Garton, after two years at the helm as OPEN CHANNEL’s Program Director.

Andrew Garton is the kind of guy whose passion and wry humour precede him; a man who dedicates himself to “the cause” – whether that be promoting OPEN CHANNEL or quoting from Kirkegaard. In short, Andrew is a Dude – from his Thunderbirds car to his unending quest for the right hairstyle – we will miss him swanning into our office on the breath of his latest witticism.

Whether sharing his genuine wisdom or squirrelling away in his office, his secret to life is to plough ahead with quiet determination. His voice, his ideas, and his intelligence will leave good ol’ SHED 4 just that little bit emptier…

Andrew’s last day will be Thursday 30 August.

“Dreams, creativity and wisdom are at the core of what keeps OPEN CHANNEL rockin’, and what challenges it every day. There are no key performance indicators for dreams, creativity and wisdom… there is only ‘hope’, ‘gratitude’ and dare I say, ‘trust’ that are the intangible and precious drivers that sustain everyone that has not only helped to keep OPEN CHANNEL running, but ensured it be kept open for everyone.”

“It has been a great honour and privilege to have been of service to an organisation that has endeared itself to the hearts of so many Victorian filmmakers and screen artists… and to have made a contribution to the legacy left by the countless who had come before me, who had stockpiled our archive with well over 2000 titles in the pursuit of public and open access.” Andrew Garton / August 2007

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8 thoughts on “Farewell OPEN CHANNEL”

  1. Andrew….what is this. Had no idea.

    One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. – Friedrich Nietzsche

    You are a star.

  2. That 2 years went quick!!
    I am sure you will be sadly missed there at Open channel!!
    So what is in the pipe line for your next appointment??
    With Respect & Light

  3. Taking a break and time out for family and my music… oh, and where ever I may find a 360 degree horizon between here (Melbourne) and Rio. Arrive there 1 Nov. I have no other appointment, so to speak, Crusty… An amazing two years at OC came to a close.

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