Family reunites

Two weeks ago my siblings and I, there are 5 of us, reuinted with our Mother, for the first time under the same roof for 23 years! This may be the start, time permitting, of a few thoughts on the gathering, which was amazing to say the least… We all got on!

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2 thoughts on “Family reunites”

  1. Andrew,

    wonderful to see your work again! I have met you on a few occasions, and I came accross your site looking for your brother Rod. He is a dear old friend and we lost touch some time ago. (Please pass him my details, to do with what he will…)
    I remember your gorgeous Mum very well, do send my good wishes to her, she may even remember me. and to Grace, hmmm, now I’m stretching the friendship! I don’t mean to abuse this forum, but I am delighted to find you all more or less in the one spot.

    Now that I am here I shall further explore your work, esp. Auslaender und Staatenlose.

    Thank you in advance, I look forward to keeping up with develoments.


  2. hello! wow… i believe you went to school with rod, no? i think we met in guildford a few times…

    i never got round to completing this piece on the reunion as there were so many things to think about, not with standing how our mother has been since then.

    rod lives in hobart and reads this blog occassionaly. spelling mistakes and all…

    good to hear from you… i hope all is well.


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