Edinburgh Gardens


Encouraged by Alan Bamford’s text messages and David Forbe’s enthusiasm we took to Edinburgh Gardens for another Sunday afternoon with laptops in the park.
[Embedded (Quicktime) video and stills.]

When Steve arrived we proceeded to setup laptops and David his tabla. His tabla is an old design on which the smaller, more common variety are based on.

David hasn’t performed publically in quite some time, so the past week or so has been significant in many ways. On the way over David told us he would use a combination of his Indian spiritual name and his own as a kind of stage/performing identity.


Introducing Dravid! Amazing what a phone call and a little encouragement can do :^)

Two weeks ago we had briefly discussed the possibility of jamming together… Now, less than a week later and we are finding ourselves amongst an emerging ensemble.

It’s likely we’ll be seeing a lot of Dravid, not only at my performances, but in collaboration with people such as Steve and possibly an Indian music collective at RMIT Univeristy as well.


I managed 5 to 7 minutes of droning before my batteries crashed, the power supply regrettably left at home. Such is life with laptops!


Dravid and Steve proved to be an awesome combination. Probably just as well I left the power supply behind, it was a delight to listen to their music which, at the very least, I managed to successfully record. Sublime to be sure…

Final moments, rich with birdsong and tabla… Thanks again Bags, David and co.

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