One thought on “Derive: Austria 2005”

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that I hear you! I was browsing through your site, again. Looking at your photos and I stumbled on to your self portraits and your words, your writings, and I know some of the things you talked about. Sometime here in Vienna like now when I’m not going to german courses, I don’t have any work in sight for about another 2 weeks and Monika goes of to work and I’m left here to play with my mind and think and think and think. Some days I dont go out. I watch people outside the window muddle about a life that seems dreary, it has snowed for about a week straight here. Although the days are getting longer already its still getting dark by 3 and completly dark by 4. Don’t get me wrong things are good and I’m happy but I just wanted to tell you that I hear you and like that you are sharing yourself with everyone. Very cool. I will be posting some self portraits on my site because everyone takes photos of themselves but I usually dont show them. Any way, I’ve looked around Vienna and I couldnt find your smile man, but I hope at least a smirk can be found after you read this. Hope to see you this year.

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