D3: In Tow

Since late January we’ve (Toy Satellite/c2o) been producing an interactive installation piece for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Technically challenging, philosophically uncompromising, sonically engaging… yeh, you can throw all the cool terms and arts speak at it and it won’t fall down. That’s cause it’s build with lerve

at d3.jpg

This photo was taken about four weeks or so ago during the tail end of Andrew Thomas’s last visit to Melbourne (our interface designer). He made two trips to work on-site with us, at his own expense, which is remarkable given the budget and timeline we had to work with.

We’ve tackled what many would not have tackled, we’ve wrestled with Flash and survived, dealing with undocumented features and others that have not been implemented in new versions of PHP… We’ve built a custom version of the WOK to manage the vast resources populated throughout the interactive and the works people will create with it.

d3 is an interactive work inspired by the Situationist Internationale, enabling the creation of unique video assemblages representing a personal dérive through Melbourne’s CBD. d3 will go public mid-July.

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