D3: Breaking Ground Meeting

We’re ramping up to closure as one might say. The D3 prototype goes live around 14 July. To help us get from here to there we contracted our Technical Director, Grant McHerron, to project manage the remaining components of the project.


There’s Frank, Grant and Jeremy… Justina is sitting off on the side. We met this afternoon to ratify the last few tasks, ensuring we deliver our prototype within a reasonable approximation of the original specification.

…and the paper trail rolls on! Grant encourages Jeremy to help us complete the project. Jeremy is one of the top Flash coders in Melbourne. I worked with him on our generative/synthesis beat engine, Freedrum. We “love his work” 🙂

(Note that link to Freedrum takes you to the SSEYO site, the company that developed the audio engine we used… Some of the gear on this site, like the broken banner adds, have nothing to do with us.)

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