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KunstRadio have invited me to propose a series of curated works, up to five broadcasts, througought 2005. The works are to highlight generative sound art and how it relates to radio art in general. In short, a critique of radio art through the work of generative sound artists within the context of institutional change and new and emergent broadcasting and distribution models.

I have gone over the “Curated by” project notes, ran through our various emails, looked over my original proposal and have decided that there is no clear mechanism to demonstrate the value of radio art through a series of curated generative Klangkunst (sound art) broadcasts. However… a few thoughts on the subject that might yield a more tangible approach.

Generative art by its very nature cannot be appropriately demonstrated on radio. Yes, we can produce works that have a generative and iterative life online and refer to them during a broadcast, but to demonstrate radio art as independent to sound art I’m not sure is possible.

If we were to provide an online forum for these works, such as my early Listening Room project, Sensorium Connect, giving it a life on air as well as another online, then we have something tangible to work with. At this stage I can only see the concept of radio, or radio art, as a complimentary medium to online sound art which in itself can only exist where radio cannot.

So, if there was a project to emerge from this it would be the “Curated by” series providing a one time window into a single iteration of a generative sound work(s), thereby endorsing and supporting the internet as a means to realise Klangkunst that would not exist otherwise.

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