Cape Town a go go…

Am now in Cape Town central checking out the fun zones which I’m astonished to find are utterly filled with tourists!

2008-02-11_Cape Town 003

I hadn’t expected Cape Town to be a destination of such repute to draw so many pastel colours to it! Irksome! A less than welcome honey pot for the street sellers, beggars and homeless…

I found respite in a music store where I purchased CDs and salivated over a hand-made electric guitar constructed from a discarded oil can! Quite well made too. Sporting in ebony fretboard and what appears to be hand-made electronics it is certainly a unique instrument to be sure!

Have found cheaper net access for the weekend down in Observatory where I’m spending the weekend… overall the economics here are weird… it is certainly cheaper to rent a room for a night that it is to use the net for an hour in some places and far cheaper to rent a car than use metered taxis if you’re wanting to travel after 8pm when the train line shuts down… even then, it’s not recommended to travel via rail after 6 when it’s known to roughen up!

I’ve a few more tabbed tunes downloaded and ready to print off and learn… “Love you till Tuesday” for instance, a little known Bowie tune that’s about as sweet as the mango juice most places serve up for breakfast here.

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