Camp life

Arrived in Nairobi very early. No sleep. Got to hotel, set myself up and headed out to meet two young Sudanese men, both former refugees from the camp in Kakuma, Kenya.

The most important outcome of this meeting is the realisation that we may not be able to run Home Lands, in its present form, in Kakuma at all. The situation there is much more dire than what we had been told. Getting a camera in for what we had planned for sounds near on impossible, but getting someone in to document what goes on there on a more deeper level is essential.

I believe there can be ways and means to get footage shot in the camp and out safely, but it will take a site visit to confirm this is possible. There are accessible terminals near the UN compound but apparently use of them is entirely vetted. In short, telling stories from the camp about life in the camp, and doing so on video and getting that stuff out via the net is going to be complex. Publishing incident reports via SMS will be much less so…

More from my meeting on the blog.

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