Sagrada Familia, side building Am in Barcelona and getting a head full of new web 2.0 applications and uses… along with some of the best food I’ve had since my last trip to Seoul!

The tomato’s have a depth to them near forgotten and the ham!!! Hard to give up on meat in this city…

Arrived 30 May. APC EBoard Meeting commenced 31 May and will take me up to 2 July.

I’ve had no decent rest for around 6 weeks now and I must admit to some apprehension to another few days of intense activity, let alone the OPEN CHANNEL work I’ve to complete here… Will stay till at least the 5th.

Looking forward to just walking around, particularly looking forward to seeing the Sagrada Familia, one of the top three human creations I’d wanted to see before dying. Believe it or not, I’m actually on what is generally known as leave.

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4 thoughts on “Barcelona”

  1. Yea! Way to go, Andrew! Would you record, like, 153 people saying ‘Barthelona’ on the streets?

  2. Actually, in Catalan, the native language of the region, I’m sure it’s not pronounced with that “h”. But nice idea though!

  3. My Catalan friend in Singapore said Barthelona (‘th’) – or maybe it’s just my ears/eyes :-).
    Food: I made rice porridge with shitake mushrooms last night and accidentally poured coconut milk in; and it turned out berry nice.
    Adventure: Slow down until the traffic light turns yellow and then speed up to avoid being photographed. To triple the effect, do this on your bike, but in order to avoid being hit instead of being photographed.
    Food and adventure: Pineapple pieces in a marinate of crushed chilli mixed with shrimp paste, fish sauce, salt and water.

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