Above MONA, in a house nearby

Grace is my sister. She’s been painting ever since I’ve known her… that’s a good many years. For nearly 25 years she’s worked as an animator right across the industry, from hand-drawn to computer generated. With her work at Tasmania’s Blue Rocket at an end, she’s turned all her energies to her art work producing a wide variety of moving, delightfully spooky and enchanting work.

With MOMA launched and Tasmanian’s entering a new phase of their cultural history we discussed ways in which Grace could exhibit her work to those she feels close to. As such, Grace and her partner, metal artist and musician, Brendan, have decided to open their home out to a short list of guests, artists, curators, friends and partners to display the volume and richness of her palate.

Last year Grace completed a two month residency at Clifton Pugh’s Dunmoochin. In two months she produced more work, directly inspired by Dunmoochin’s bush environment, than any one I’ve known capable of doing so in a year! This work will be a highlight of the exhibition opening Friday 28 Jan 2011.

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