2004: Where we were before, but more…

We finally came up the resolution, moto, creed, that which we will live by, that which will aid in making up our minds when in doubt, forging directions, associations and where applicable, sustainability.

2004 will see us seek guidance from “Where we were before, but with more…”

2003 was “Respect the core, Jah”

2002 was “If you can, you must…”

Throughout 2004 we will endevour to ensure that we not only respect, but we build and strengthen that from which we came from, that which inspired us recklessly with all that we have learnt, gathered up, produced and created in the intervening years.

How did we get here? I was explaining to Justina how it was that I’d lost so much of my musicianship. I’d been arranging “Border Song” (from Son of Science project) for the best part of the day. I’d been struggling to play simple melodies, bass and organ lines.

By using computers and losing the spontaneity of tape based recording I’d sacrificed my performance skills for IT know how… However, with much better software I’m finding the encouragement to play again! And this led me to say, “… like it was before, but now with more.” Justina exclaimed, “that’s it! That’s what it is… our 2004…!!!”

So it goes…

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2 thoughts on “2004: Where we were before, but more…”

  1. Merry (or deep, sedate and poignant) Christmas, druidic solstice and wonderful new year to you and yours 2004.

    Thanks for explaining the concept of a blog. I fear i was rude in my reply which focussed somewhat on e-gridphobia. (just made up a word to describe it!) Gave Simon some wonderful Sennheisers last year. i have them on now. I hope everything musical and electrical will eventually have a much more supportive energy field for all of us. Anyone for playing solar energy guitar? May you continue to grace the avant garde.
    much love
    your old pal

  2. thanks bec… interesting coincidence about the headphones!

    btw, i didn’t think you were rude with regards to the blog comments. it can be all to easy to be misunderstood online, even by oneself!

    clarity and confidence for 2004,

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